Toys For Rabbits – 15 Toys You Can Make Yourself

Every animal loves to play and your bunny is no exception. If anything they are probably MORE playful than your average cat or dog. They love to run, jump and even play hide and seek with each other. Here are some cheap rabbit toys you can make at home – creating toys for rabbits is fun and limited only by your imagination, and a few basic rules to keep your bunny safe.

Safety First

  • Remember that your rabbit will inevitable chew whatever you give them to play with. Always check materials used, including paints, are non toxic.
  • Supervise your rabbit when they are playing. If they start to chew on a toy that’s not meant to be chewed like fabric, leather, plastic ie: pretty much anything other than wood, paper, cardboard, hay etc take it away immediately.

Ok, Let’s Get Creative!

Toys for your bunny don’t have to be expensive, or come from a pet store. Here are 15 toys you can create for little or no cost.

  1. Pine cones stuffed with small pieces of carrot or apple (no pips please, they’re toxic to us!).
  2. Big box or natural wicker basket full of crunchy autumn leaves.
  3. Row of full cans of food made into a jump. Remove the labels but keep the food in the cans so that they don’t get knocked over or have any sharp edges. Put something at each end of the line so your bunny can’t sneak around the side!  (NB: You can still use the food at a later date, just be sure to write on the can what is inside!).
  4. Empty toilet or saran wrap rolls stuffed with hay.
  5. Wooden blocks or off cuts. Make a castle, a wall to jump or just leave in a pile. NB: Always check the wood type.
  6. Cardboard boxes with holes cut in each end (rabbits are bottom of the food chain in the wild so they never like to be cornered. Always give them an escape route!).
  7. Food packaging boxes eg: tea bag boxes stuffed with hay and closed up (don’t use glue or sellotape to close as these may be toxic).
  8. Old phonebooks. Remove the covers and let your bunny shred to their heart’s content!
  9. Big box of shredded paper (bunnies LOVE to rustle).
  10. Shoe box with a lid filled with crumpled up newspaper. Again cut a second hole in the box for an escape route.
  11. Branches of apple or pear tree to nibble and hide around.
  12. Hollow logs of wood (check wood is not toxic type).
  13. Carrot or juicy chewing stick tied with string. You can either hang this in your bunny’s cage or pull it along to entice them to pounce on it.
  14. Hang an old CD on the edge of the cage. Be careful with this one. Some rabbits love this, especially as it moves and glints in the sun but others may not so watch carefully at first. Some even like to look at their reflection in it! Of course it goes without saying that this toy needs good supervision. CDs are not rabbit food!
  15. An old sock with holes cut out, stuffed with hay and hung from the side of the cage.

So, there you are. 15 great toys you can make yourself for very low cost (if any) from things you probably have lying around home. Bunny fun is really only limited by your imagination.

Happy toy making!

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