10 ‘Fur Real’ Facts About Rabbits

Looking for some cool facts about rabbits? Here’s a few to get you started…

  1. Rabbits have a 360 degree field of vision.
    This means they can see behind them without having to move their head. They also have very good vision in low lighting so can detect predators quickly and escape. (Very handy .. but check out fact #9 to see where they can’t see though!)
  2. A rabbit’s teeth can grow up to 4 inches every year.
    They only get worn down with gnawing and chewing which is why it is absolutely vital they have a good source of appropriate things to chew like hay.
  3. Lop rabbits are born with upright ears.
    As they age their ears soften and eventually droop to give them their classic lop feature.
  4. Rabbits and hares aren’t the same.
    They belong to the same animal group called lagomorphs but they are different species. Rabbits are altricial which means their young (called kits or kittens) are born blind, deaf and hairless. They are utterly defenceless. Hares are precocial which mean their young are born with their eyes open, with a full coat of fur and can survive on their own at just a couple of hours old.
  5. Rabbits are designed to eat their own poop!
    Wild rabbits mostly eat grass which is hard for their digestive systems to break down. The rabbit will pass the partially digested matter as soft black droppings called cecotropes and eat them within 4-6 hours. After this a normal hard, dry waste matter dropping will be excreted which the rabbit doesn’t use.
  6. Carrots aren’t a rabbit’s best friend.
    Bugs Bunny may have munched through several pounds a day but carrots are high in sugar and should only be given to your rabbit in small quantities as a treat.
  7. Rabbit’s can’t vomit.
    This is because of a very strong valve between the stomach and the oesophagus. This is particularly important to know when it comes to grooming time. Long haired rabbits, such as Angoras in particular can shed a lot of hair in molting season. If ingested this can cause fur balls which can cause digestive problems for your rabbit. Hay is an important part of your rabbit’s diet because it keeps the digestive system moving.
  8. Most rabbits don’t like being picked up.
    Even though they may get used to being petted and picked up it isn’t a natural thing for them to do. Rabbits are essentially the bottom of the feeding chain. They are ground dwellers and are used to being able to get away from predators quickly if needed so being held above ground can be very stressful for them.
  9. Rabbits can’t see under their nose.
    They have a blind spot there so the common practice of letting a rabbit sniff your hand as people often do with dogs can be confusing and threatening to your rabbit. If you want to pet a rabbit make sure you keep your hand in view of their head.
  10. Rabbit’s ears can reach over 2 feet long.
    The longest ears on a bunny were recorded by Guinness World Records in 2003 as belonging to a gorgeous English Lop named Nipper’s Geronimo. His ears measured an amazing 31 inches. By comparison the longest ears on a dog were just 13.75 inches which belong to a bloodhound called Tigger!

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