Caring For Rabbits

There are six key things you need to keep in mind when caring for rabbits. They are: housing, food, health, exercise, training, grooming and fun. Let’s take a look at each of these:


Probably long before you ever got your rabbit you had made a decision as to whether she was going to live inside, outside or a mixture of both. Which one you choose will determine certain things about your rabbit’s home/hutch. More on setting up rabbit houses…


The diet you choose to feed your rabbit is absolutely essential in caring for your rabbit. Most people feed their rabbit pre-packaged pellets but this isn’t necessarily the best diet. Find out what do rabbits eat…


When it comes to health rabbits can be quite delicate. And, despite being a common animal all over the world, vet care for rabbits is still very specialized. It is essential that you take particular care when choosing a vet to care for your precious bun. It is important that you also learn up on rabbit diseases and illnesses so that you can spot the signs of a sick bunny. Find out more on rabbit illnesses…


Just like humans rabbits need to exercise every day. Your bun will need at least an hour a day out of her cage to roam freely. If that is inside your house will need to be bunny proofed. If it’s outside take extra special care that she can’t escape during her daily romp or that predators can’t get to her.


Proper training can be the difference between your bunny living a long and happy life with you or ending up at the bunny shelter. If that sounds dramatic, remember that the biggest reasons bunnies are left at shelters are chewing and litter training problems.

Rabbits can be trained to do simple tricks but the biggest things owners have problems with are training their bunny not to chew inappropriate things (wires, furniture, carpet etc) and litter training.  If you are having trouble with either of these I strongly recommend you have a look at this rabbit care guide as both of these topics – and solutions – are covered in detail.


Grooming your bun consists of brushing, nail clipping and a general examination of your bun. Rabbits do not like baths nor do they need them. Spot washing with a damp cloth is the best way to remove any excessive dirt.

All rabbits need regular brushing to remove loose hair but long haired rabbits, such as Angora’s will need daily brushing to keep their coats tangle free and in top condition.


Rabbits absolutely love to play and it is essential for your bunny’s emotional health and happiness. It is also a wonderful chance to bond with your bunny. Rabbits love toys and they don’t have to be expensive to make. Have a look at our list of toys for rabbits

More Information on Caring for Rabbits

The subject of pet rabbit care is HUGE and this article can only scratch the surface. If you are serious about knowing the latest and best information on caring for your precious bun I recommend you take a peek at this amazing rabbit care ‘bible’ here.

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