Diet FAQs – Can Rabbits Eat…?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about your rabbit’s diet.

Can rabbits eat asparagus?

Yes, in small amounts. Asparagus is a relatively low in calcium so good for rabbits on reduced calcium intake.

Can rabbits eat broccoli?

Yes, leaves, heads and stems but small quantities only. It is a great source of vitamin A but some bunnies can find broccoli to be a bit gassy. Watch for diarrohea.

Can rabbits eat cabbage?

Yes. Cabbage is a good vegetable to try if your bun needs to reduce calcium in her diet. Watch for diarrhoea as cabbage can be gassy for some buns.

Can rabbits eat carrots?

Yes, carrot tops are fantastic for your bun (be careful they haven’t been sprayed though). Most rabbits love the carrot itself too but be very careful with quantities here as carrot is high in sugars. Max for a bun is 1 tablespoon per 3lb.

Can rabbits eat cauliflower?

Yes, in small amounts. Cauliflower is low in calcium so good if you are trying to reduce your bun’s calcium intake.

Can rabbits eat celery?

Yes, but always chop it in small (1 inch) pieces. This ensures long stringy fibres can’t get caught in your bun’s tummy.

Can rabbits eat cucumber?

Yes, but it is high in water content (like Iceberg lettuce) and may produce diarrhoea. There are better vegetable choices you can give your bun.

Can rabbits eat fruit?

Yes, apples, pineapple, bananas, melon, papaya, peaches, plums, strawberries, raspberries, oranges are all good for your bun. Fruits are high in sugars so these are treats only. Feed maximum 1 tablespoon of fruit per day per 3lb weight. Never feed fruit seeds as these can be toxic.

Can rabbits eat lettuce?

Yes, the dark-leafed varieties. Stay away from the light varieties like Iceberg as these can cause gas and/or diarrhoea.

Can rabbits eat mushrooms?

No. There are many varieties of mushrooms and some may be harmful so it’s best to steer clear of all mushrooms for your rabbit.

Can rabbits eat onions?

No, these are toxic to your bun.

Can rabbits eat peas?

Yes but they aren’t the best choice for your bun. Peas are high in sugar and starch. Flat pea pods are a better choice.

Can rabbits eat potatoes?

No, raw potatoes may be toxic to your rabbit.

Can rabbits eat spinach?

Yes. However, while spinach is high in Vitamin A it is also high in oxalates which are not good for your rabbit long term. Limit to once a week.

Can rabbits eat squash?

Yes, in small amounts.

Can rabbits eat tomatoes?

Yes, but only red and in small amounts.

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