Rabbit Care

Dear Friend, welcome to Rabbits For Pets, I’m Abbey Mitchell.

It’s my goal to see that everyone who wants to experience the joy of owning a rabbit can do so, which is why I created Rabbits For Pets. It brings together some of the best rabbit care information in the world on how to choose, care for and relate to your precious bunny friend.

Please browse the links on the site for more information on rabbit care… here are a few good places to start…

1. Your bunny’s diet

What you feed your rabbit is one of the most important parts of pet rabbit care. In this incredibly popular article I’ll take you through exactly what your bun needs and in what quantities. Read the full article: What do rabbits eat?

2. Rabbit Illnesses

Discover the 5 most common rabbit illnesses and find out what you need to do if you suspect your bunny has one of them, here: Rabbit illnesses

3. Play

Bunnies absolutely LOVE to play – it is a vital part of their day and keeps them fit, active and happy. Toys don’t have to be expensive either. Take a peek at this fantastic article about rabbit toys you can make yourself.

4. Housing

Your bunny’s home is her castle! Find out how to set up the perfect rabbit house

5. Rabbit mites and rabbit malocclusion

These are two of the most common issuses that rabbit owners face. Find out what to do about them here: Rabbit malocclusion & Rabbit mites (includes a handy dosing chart for Revolution for rabbits)

I hope you love the rabbit care tips and tricks at Rabbits for Pets. Take care and…

Keep on hoppin!


PS: Have you seen this amazing book ‘How to Raise Rabbits’ yet? Don’t even think about getting your new bun without reading it first!

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